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COVID-19 Vaccination Information:


ATs are considered tier 1A health care providers and should be eligible for the vaccine early in the roll out.  If you have not heard from your local hospital at this time for a vaccination, please reach out to them directly:


"All 14 Vermont hospitals have been asked to provide vaccination to health care workers in their hospital-service area identified in this initial phase. Individual hospitals will be reaching out to staff and health care workers in their area to schedule appointments. Health care providers and staff who have not heard from their local hospital by January 11, 2021 should reach out to the hospital.

Hospitals seeking guidance to prioritize vaccination of health care providers and staff who have patient contact, while the COVID-19 vaccine supply is limited may consider offering vaccine based on risk. The Health Department recommends that individuals in the first tier should include:

• Health care providers and staff working in primary care, obstetrics and gynecology or dental practices.

• Individuals working in Emergency Departments and inpatient settings with direct patient care who may not be employed by the hospital.


Each community hospital throughout Vermont has been given thousands of health care workers in their service areas to call and schedule for vaccination.  Please know they are moving as fast as they can.  Phase 1a will likely last for many weeks as we await more vaccine to be delivered to Vermont for all those considered part of phase 1a." 

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